Locust Grove Ranch 

 Eagles Run A-Snow Trillium, sired by Eagles Run Xterra, out of Eagles Run Trillium , by WCC Freightliner

Birthed silver Heifer, LGR Erica,  

April 21, 2017 by KCC Diplomats Ballet

LGR Augustina, sired by SRR Virginian,

out of JB Y-Easter , by HD Vizier Imhotep

Due February 10, 2018 by NewHaven Park Pericles

LGR Diana, sired by Twin Fir Tomahawk, out of MLJ Shakira

LGR Elsa, out of MLJ Amelia,

sired by MLJ  Atom

LGR Empress, out of Sweet and Sassy,

sired by Kara Kara Burleigh

KT Xenia, sired by HA Ultimate Design, out of

KT Uptown Girl, by HA Road Warrior

Due Nov 1, 2017 by KaraKara Burleigh

SS Charisma, sired by HA Yosemite,

out of MLJ Vista, by MLJ Ute

Birthed silver heifer, LGR Elegance,

Feb 25, 2017 by SS Colt

HA Yakiki, sired by Monarch Oak Extra,

out of HA Tahiti, by The Glen Manuel 

Birthed silver bull, LGR Eramus, 

June 3, 2017 by WeeGun Tjandamara

Morgan Rivers YoYo Moo, sired by JB Roar ,

out of JB Ruffian , by Eagles Run Smokin Gun 

Birthed bullcalf, LGR Esquire, 

March 22, 2017 by KCC Diplomats Ballet

HD Vanya , sired by The Glen Manuel,

out of HD Magic Power, by Willalooka Power

Birthed silver bull,  Jan 23, 2017,

LGR Europa, by JB Roar

LGR Buttercup, sired by Eagles Run Dynasty, out of Eagles Run Solander, by Willalooka Unity

Birthed silver heifer, LGR Edelweis, 

March 19, 2017 by Kehlians Wensleydale

LGR Elegance, out of SS Charisma,

sired by SS Colt by Banksia Ridge Zorro

JB Y-Easter,sired by HD Vizier Imhotep ET

out of JB Navarra, by Willalooka Pharaoh 

Birthed Silver Heifer, LGR Evening Star, 

June 8, 2017 by WeeGun Tjandamara

      While we use great care to choose excellent Murray Grey Bull genetics, we feel our breeding cows are the backbone of the herd and take pride in our mama cows that produce such great seedstock for others to build on. Our female lines combine the best of the US , Canada, New Zealand, and Australia, and we are constantly looking for new bloodlines that will improve the genetic possibilities. We aim for a balanced medium frame, long thick rectangle body, level topline,  generous udder, all supported by short legs and strong hooves.  Our cows do come when called and most love to be scratched, but we never forget that we are making a food product, and one that cannot get pregnant every year, mother the calf, and flood it with milk has no place in the gene pool. Our steers finish on grass alone, with no implants or hormones, and we never fail to get compliments from the Butcher shop and our repeat customers on the finished beef.

​LGR Zillow, Shorthorn/angus, sired by Capiche,

out of Commercial Angus Cow

Due Oct 14, 2017 by Kehlians Wesleydale

LGR Destiny, sired by Eagles Run Tor ET. out of

LGR Yvonne, sired by Morgan Rivers Talisman

Our Murray Grey Cows

Morgan Rivers Dart, sired by JB Roar, out of

Cabin Fever Miss Millie, by Cabin Fever Dillinger

Due Jan 26,2018 by LGR Delmonico

LGR Dolly , angus/simmy club calf, sired by Wallstreet (Angus)

LGR Edelweis, out of LGR Buttercup,

sired by Keighlians Wensleydale

LGR Valley Girl, Commercial Shorthorn, 

Due Nov, 2017 by KT A'Rockin On

MLJ Cassidy, sired by Twin Fir Tomahawk,

out of MLJ Patagonia, by HA Mister Muscle

Due Summer , 2017 by MLJ Cisco

LGR Y-Blackie , purebred commercial Angus

Birthed dark bull calf, LGR Earl Grey,

June 6, 2017 by Kehlians Wensleydale 

Breeding and Sales of Murray Grey Beef Cattle

LGR Danke, 50% MG,

sired by KT A Rockin'On,

out of LGR Tiffany, Maine/Chianina. 

MLJ Amelia, sired by Twin Fir Tomahawk,

out of MLJ Yakira, by HA Mister Muscle

Birthed silver Heifer, LGR Elsa,

March 28, 2017, sired by MLJ Atom

LGR Doris, sired by KT A Rockin On, out of

Eagles Run Snow Trillium

MLJ Bailey, sired by MLJ Zander,

out of MLJ Yamarra, by MLJ Polaris

Birthed silver bull, LGR Echo,

April 13, 2017,  by MLJ Atom

LGR Brio, sired by HA Zanzibar,

out of VF Yoshi, by Twin Fir Black Powder

​Birthed dark heifer, LGR Exotica,

February 6, 2017 by Banksia Ridge Zorro

LGR Dawns Early Light, by WCC Freightliner, out of JB Y'Easter, by HD Visers Imhotep

Morgan Rivers Deseret , sired by Morgan Rivers Beaufort,

out of HD Vanya, by The Glen Manuel

Due Jan 8, 2018 by LGR Delmonico

09 Vanity 282V, sired by JB Torsion,

out of 09 Miss 242T, by HA McKinley

Birthed silver heifer, LGR Encore April 29, 2017

LGR Brittany, sired by ALZ Zinnels Valer,

out of KT Yolanda, by Twin Fir Black Powder

Birthed dark heifer, LGR Elizabeth,

June 28, 2017 by LGR Columbo

LGR CoCo Chanel, 75% MG sired by KT A-Rockin On, out of LGR Aunt Jemima, by SRR Virginian       Due Nov 5, 2017 by LGR Delmonico

Picture to come soon....

LGR Exotica, Out of LGR Brio by Zanzibar, and sired by Banksia Ridge Zorro

LGR Annie, sired by SRR VIrginian, out of

Morgan Rivers YoYo Moo, by JB Roar 

Birthed black bull, LGR Elmo, 

May 5, 2017 by LGR Adam

LGR Eclair 50% MG ,on right, out of LGR Tiffany, sired by KT A Rockin'On. with her buddy, Exotica on the left.

LGR Tiffany, Commercial  Maine Anjou / Chianina, crosses great with MG and produces winning 4H projects. Due Nov 11, 2017 by KT A'Rockin On

LGR Chocolatte, 50% MG, sired by KT A-Rockin On,

out of LGR Blackie, Commercial Angus   

Birthed black bull, LGR Elf,

April 23, 2017  by LGR Columbo

Sunrise Sweet n Sassy, sired by HA Xtract, out of HA Naughty & Nice, by Willow Creek Starbright Birthed  LGR Empress April 6,2017  by KaraKara Burleigh, AI.

​Eagles Run Solander, sired by Willalooka Unity, out of Eagles Run Black Sally, by Eagles run Smoke JumperDue November, 2017 by KT A Rockin On.  

LGR Crystal Blu, sired by The Glen Manuel, out of

JB Y-Easter, by HD Vizier Imhotep ET. tested 10/10 for tenderness.

Due August 13, 2017 by LGR Columbo

DG A-Minnie, sired by DG Rachaels Xenon,

out of DG Velvet Supreme, by HA Mr. Muscle

BIrthed dark bull, LGR Eastwood,

April 7, 2017,  by DG Admiral

LGR Charity, commercial Angus/Simmental/Maine/Chianina

sired by Amos HP, out of LGR Tiffany

Pictured is her 2017 heifer, LGR Eclair, by KT A'Rockin On.

​Bred to HA Maximum due Feb 15, 2018

LGR Celtic Song, sired by KT A-Rockin On,

out of Morgan Rivers YoYoMoo, by JB Roar

Due June 27, 2017 by LGR Columbo