Locust Grove Ranch 

‚Äč           Premium Beef Cattle

Locust Grove Ranch

P.O.Box 45

156 Moon Hill Rd.

Tenmile, Oregon  97481


LGR Delmonico, (Keighlian Wensleydale X HA Yakiki (By Monarch Oak Extra ) A great low birth weight, long and deep bodied, high muscling sire choice for the grass fed breeder or grain finished. Frame score 5.5, 6/10 tenderness, 5/10 marbling. 

$35 per straw,  in stock at the ranch or Universal Semen.  His son LGR Fiddler pictured.

Straight Egyptian Arabian Herd dispersal sale. now is the time to add that bloodline that you have always wanted . Most are being offered at riding horse prices, so its the perfect opportunity to achieve your dreams.  Straight Egyptian Arabian horses graze our fertile valley east of the coastal range of Oregon. Now starting our 3rd generation of Straight Egyptians, we breed for correct Arabian conformation and great legs, with that beautiful head and neck that sets the Arabian apart in type. Our foals are handled from birth and develop a loving and willing attitude that makes them excel in the halter and performance ring or on the trail. Our door is always open, please schedule a visit to come and meet our living art .

   Our Murray Grey Beef Cattle graze our fertile valley just east of the Oregon coastal range, enjoying fresh running water from Tenmile and Shields Creeks and shade from the many Oaks scattered across our 203 acres. Our  calves are sired by some of the top performing bulls from around the world, and can finish on grass or grain.  we welcome your inquiries on our many premium bloodlines.

LGR Flintlock, New Haven Park Pericles X LGR Augustina, by SRR Virginian, adding length, muscle, and pigment, as sire and dam are both silver. frame score 6, 7/10 tenderness, 6/10 marbling. 

$35 per straw, in stock at the ranch or Universal Semen.

Sunnyridge GoDaddy, BB Uncle Tony X Sunnyridge Betsy , adding muscle, width, and heifer calving ease. Frame score 5,  10/10 for tenderness, 6/10 for marbling. Pictured at 2 years old, and his daughter, Juliette. $35 per straw, in stock at the ranch or Universal semen.

Flintlock Calves, long and thick on grass alone.

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