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HA Bentley

LGR Gideon, by LGR Diesel, a moderate smooth shouldered heifer bull, was sold at weaning to the Weaver Murray Grey Ranch.

LGR Flintlock, by New Haven Park Pericles, out of LGR Augustina, sold to a commercial breeder ,we bought him back, collected frozen semen , and sold to a commercial breeder. He tested 7 for tenderness,6 for marbling.

LGR Diesel, by Banksia Ridge Zorro, a well muscled long bull , shown (by my friend Tonya ) to Reserve Champion at Douglas County Fair and then sold to Weavers Murray Grey as herd sire.

Willalooka Power

JB Smarty Jones

Wee-Gun Tjandamarra

HA Yosemite

Willalooka Unity

Eagles Run Xterra

LGR Europa, by JB Roar,  definitely a bull prospect, won a buckle for Marwood as Grand Champion at the Douglas County Fair, and then went as a 4H steer for a grandson. It's all good.

TLGR Gladiator

Lindsey Starbright

HA McKinley

Sunnyridge Handsome Hunk

Locust Grove Ranch 

‚Äč           Premium Beef Cattle

HD Vizier Imhotep

Sunnyridge GoDaddy

Willowcreek Jumbolaya

LGR Columbo, by KT A-Rockin On , another gentle giant raised on grass, and siring balanced meaty babies at  the Nichols Ranch now.

Bundaleer Crossroads

KCC Diplomats Ballet

Wallawong Ripsnorter

These are some of the other bulls that appear in the pedigrees of our cows, shown at various ages, in no particular order.

Cabin Fever Derringer

HA Mr. Muscles

LGR Elixir, another KT A-Rockin On son, sold at weaning to a commercial herd, and we brought back a couple of his daughters and sons. Again, easy births, long and muscled on grass alone.

HA Ultimate Design

Banksia Ridge Zorro

LGR Eclipse, by Wee-Gunn Tjandamarra linebred to his granddaughter, is a very balanced bull that produces easily born calves that grow the muscle and butt. We retained several daughters and he sold to Victory Murray Grey Farm in Ohio.

Victory Power Play

Wallawong Under The Radar

Murray Grey Bulls that appear in our pedigrees

HA Zanzibar

The Glen Manuel

SRR Virginian, our first MG bull, a long black slab of beef if there ever was one, with a butt to die for. Easy birthweights, great growth, we lost him too soon and only have one daughter in the herd from his first calf drop, but she has produced two herd sires .

Kara Kara Burleigh.

Keighlians Wensleydale

Monarch Oak Extra

KT A-Rockin On, purchased in utero out of HA Rockin Robin, by ALZ Zinnels Valer. a gentle giant that produced length and muscling, we kept many of his daughters for their fertility and milk, and many of his sons went on to be herd sires. 

Wallawong Vinnie Roe

LGR Hipster

LGR Delmonico, by Keighlians Wensleydale, a curly haired, kind souled bull, that just stamped all his get with his long and meaty look. we retained several daughters, collected frozen semen, and he sold to Autumn's Harvest Farm in New York.

Bottlesford Kudos