LGR Brittany, 2014 Black MG cow, sired by ALZ Zinnels Valer, out of KT Yolanda, Bred back to LGR Eclipse for 2019 , with her 2018 heifer, LGR FiFi, sired by LGR Delmonico.     $2400

Bulls and Steers

DG Minnie, August 21, 2013 dun cow, exposed to LGR Diesel by Banksia Ridge Zorro for 2019  $1800   Sold

LGR Diesel, Dark Bull sired by Banksia Ridge Zorro,

out of KT Xenia, by HA Ultimate Design    SOLD

LGR Elsa, silver heifer born 3-28-17 , sired by MLJ Atom, out of MLJ Amelia  Exposed to LGR Diesel for 2019 calf.   $1800

LGR Felix, born Feb 26, 2018, sired by LGR Delmonico, out of MLJ Cassidy, by Twin Fir Tomahawk.   $2000

LGR Fiddler, sired by LGR Delmonico, out of Morgan Rivers YoYoMoo by JB Roar . 1st place Spring Bull Calves 2018 MG Nationals  $2400.

LGR Forester, born March 6, 2018, sired by LGR Delmonico, out of Eagles Run Snow Trillium    $2400

MLJ Bailey, March 23, 2014 silver cow sired by MLJ Zander, exposed to LGR Eclipse for 2019 calf,     $1800. 

LGR Falcon, born March 18, 2018, sired by LGR Delmonico, out of Morgan Rivers Dart, by JB Roar   $2000   sold

LGR Fletcher, silver bull calf, out of MLJ Bailey, sired by LGR Delmonico    SOLD

LGR Daisy, angus club calf bred  2016 heifer with black bull calf, LGR Flank Steak, born june 16, 2018 by LGR Delmonico  . Exposed to LGR Eclipse for 2019 50% MG calf.​    $2000

                 Locust Grove Ranch 

LGR Silver Fox, Sired AI by KCC Diplomats Ballet, out of DG  Minnie, by DG Rachaels Xenon   $2400

LGR Delmonico, april,2016 Silver bull sired by Keighlians Wensleydale,

out of HA Yakiki, by Monarch Oak Extra    $2400       SOLD

LGR Zillow, shorthorn plus, sired AI by Capieche, a club calf bull. $1500   Sold 

LGR Flintlock, born Feb 8, 2018, sired by New Haven Park Pericles, out of LGR Augustina, by SRR Virginian.   $2400

LGR Europa, Jan 2017, 100% MG, sired by JB Roar, out of HD Vanya, by The Glen Manuel       SOLD

Grand Champion Bull at 2017 Douglas County Fair

Murray Grey  Cattle For Sale

LGR Doris, dark heifer, sired by Kt A'Rockin On, out of Eagles Run Snow Trillium, bred to LGR Diesel, with LGR Five Star, sired by LGR Delmonico. $2400   Sold

LGR Elegance, dark heifer , 2-15-17, sired by SS Colt by Banksia Ridge Zorro, out of SS Charisma by HA Yosemite. Exposed to LGR Diesel for spring 2019 calf.  $1600

Cows and Heifers                  ​Please feel free to inquire about  others not listed