i have 3 bull calf / steers not sold yet, LGR jericho, LGR Jada, and LGR Jeffrey, born in Sept. and  available in March for spring grass. i would expect them to wean off at 650 to 700# and would be available at market price. Please contact me if you want to reserve them.

Murray Grey Cows and Heifers  for sale :   I post some suggestions, but if you have an interest in something not listed, please feel free to ask .               


LGR Gladiator, sire of Jockey Girl. Jockey was so beefy when she was born we thought she was a bull and tagged her, then we saw her pee and had to add Girl to her name.

LGR Jane Austen, born May 15, 21, 75% MG 25% Shorthorn Plus, sired by LGR Gladiator, out of LGR Gerdy. Don't let the white fool your eye , she is a beefy roly poly girl.   $1200

Bulls and Steers

Jane's sire, LGR Gladiator, a 50% MG sired by LGR Elixir. when they look like this you have to try him on a few cows and he did not disappoint.

LGR Hurricane, silver bull, born Oct 17, 2020, sired by LGR Delmonico ( Wensleydale/Monarch Oak Extra cross), out of Morgan Rivers Deseret ( Willalooka Power / The Glen Manuel bred)     $3000

LGR Hindi, 50% MG, 50%  Angus, sired by LGR Delmonico,  born Dec 3, 2020. She is out of Blackie, a purebred angus cow by Yamsi.    $1200

LGR Jockey Girl, born June 7, 21, 75% MG, 25% Shorthorn Plus, sired by LGR Gladiator, out of LGR Gianna. i am keeping one, Jane or Jockey, but like them both. you pick.   $1200

LGR Jubilee and LGR Jewel

Locust Grove Ranch 

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LGR Josie, born May 8, 21, 50% MG 50% Angus ( Wallstreet ), sired by LGR Delmonico and out of my larger (1500#) angus cow, LGR Dinah. Del will moderate and keep the thickness.  $1200

LGR Jitterbug, born April 27, 21, sired by LGR Delmonico, out of JB Y-Easter., my go to mama cow that has given me 8 beautiful heifers, but i can't keep them all. JItterbug's sister has produced two bulls that i have used, so i have plenty of this bloodline and can share.   $1600

LGR Goldilocks, 100%MG, born 11-26-19, out of MLJ Amelia, and sired by LGR Eclipse by Wee-Gun Tjadamarra.   $1600

Murray Grey  Cattle For Sale

LGR Jitterbug and LGR Hindi holding their own during the drought.

Steers are usually available within a short time frame. They go quickly, so please call if you want on the list for some easy finishing beef on the hoof. if you can't wait, we always have grass fed ground beef available from the freezers.

J.Hobbitt, dark bull , 87.5% MG 12.5%  Angus, sired by LGR Elixir, out of LGR Gabriella, a Banksia Ridge Zorro Grand daughter .  $2500

LGR Jewel, born April 30, 21, aptly named, sired by LGR Delmonico and out of one of my fav cows, DG Cricket, a beautiful blend of Monarch Oak Extra, Mr Muscle, HA McKinley and WCC Canadian bred.  $1600

LGR Jesse James, silver bull, born May 1, 21 Sired by LGR Delmonico and out of LGR Elsa, by MLJ Atom. Pictured at 5 months old, he is going to be the complete package. $2500 until weaning.

LGR Hurricane as a yearling and LGR Jesse James at 6 months.

LGR Jubilee, born May 2, 21, sired by LGR Delmonico, out of LGR Evening Star, a rare daughter of Wee-Gun Tjandamarra  $1600

LGR Hailey, silver 75% MG heifer, born September , 2020, sired by LGR Delmonico, out of LGR Fern.    $1200.

LGR Grace, with her black heifer at side, LGR Jolene by LGR Delmonico born June 6, 21, and bred back to LGR Flintlock, due April 30, 2022     $2600   3 in 1 until weaning

​After 2 years of drought, i am cutting deep, this is a beautiful 2 yr old cow, sired AI by Bottlesford Kudos, easy birth, good mother, bred right back. i would be glad to offer my 10 year old cows to thin the herd, but i think these are probably the ones you want. 3 new bloodlines in a gorgeous package.