Murray Grey  Cattle For Sale

LGR Elsa, silver heifer born 3-28-17 , sired by MLJ Atom, out of MLJ Amelia     $1600

LGR Fiddler, sired by LGR Delmonico, out of Morgan Rivers YoYoMoo by JB Roar   $2400.

LGR Diesel, Dark Bull sired by Banksia Ridge Zorro,

out of KT Xenia, by HA Ultimate Design  $2400  SOLD

LGR Elixir, Jan 2017, 100% MG,

sired by KT A'Rockin On,

out of LGR Augustina by SRR Virginian   $2400 sold

LGR Eramus, NOv 4, 2017, sired AI by Kara Kara Burleigh,

​out of KT Xenia by HA Ultimate Design     $2400

DG Minnie, August 21, 2013 dun cow, exposed to LGR Diesel by Banksia Ridge Zorro for 2019 ,  with 2018 silver bull, LGR Silver Fox, sired by KCC Diplomats Ballet.

3 in 1 package   $2600

LGR Europa, Jan 2017, 100% MG, sired by JB Roar, out of HD Vanya, by The Glen Manuel     $2400  SOLD

Grand Champion Bull at 2017 Douglas County Fair

LGR Elegance, dark heifer , 2-15-17, sired by SS Colt by Banksia Ridge Zorro, out of SS Charisma by HA Yosemite. Exposed to LGR Diesel for spring 2019 calf.  $1800

LGR Erica silver heifer ,4-21-17, sired by KCC Diplomats Ballet, out of Eagles Run Snow Trillium   $1800

Bulls and Steers

LGR Destiny, April 2016 , 100% MG Heifer,

sired by Eagles Run Tor, AI, exposed to LGR Eclipse for 2019,  with LGR Franklin, April 2018 black bull calf  by LGR Delmonico. 3 in 1 package .          $2400

MLJ Bailey, March 23, 2014 silver cow sired by MLJ Zander, exposed to LGR Eclipse for 2019 calf,  with LGR Fletcher, silver bull born 3-16-2018   3 in 1 package    $2400 

Cows and Heifers

​Please feel free to inquire about  others not listed

LGR Delmonico, april,2016 Silver bull sired by Keighlians Wensleydale,

out of HA Yakiki, by Monarch Oak Extra    $2400 sold

LGR Daisy, angus comercial heifer

Due June 14, 2018 by LGR Delmonico 

for 50% MG calf.​    $1800

                 Locust Grove Ranch