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LGR Lodestar, born May 30, 23, old picture, sorry, sired by Sunnyridge Justa Golden Boy, out of Sunnyridge Honey Babe.    $2000

LGR Lydia, 4-26-23, out of DG Cordelia, sired by Sunnyridge GoDaddy  $2200

LGR Katrina, 3-17-22, pure Angus, due April , 2024 by LGR Kiwi for a 50% MG calf.  $2700

LGR Legend, 7-29-23, sired by Bottlesford Kudos, out of LGR Fabrianna by LGR Delmonico   $3000

LGR Kierra, 10-27-22, 50% MG / angus, out of LGR Dolly, sired by SunnyRidge GoDaddy . Due Nov, 2024 by Morgan Rivers Zinger  $2500.

LGR Longmire, 7-24-23, sired by KaraKara Burleigh, out of LGR Josephine by LGR Delmonico   $2500

LGR Kelly Frost, 9-11-22, out of LGR Hattie, sired by JB GunRunner   Due Nov, 2024 by Morgan Rivers Zinger     $2700



Murray Grey  Cattle For Sale

LGR Leonardo, 9-8-23, sired by Willowcreek Jumbalaya, out of Jane Austen by LGR Gladiator   $2500

Murray Grey Cows and Heifers  for sale :   I post some suggestions, but if you have an interest in something not listed, please feel free to ask .          


LGR Lumberjack, 8-23-23, sired by Bottlesford Kudos, out of LGR Gianna by Victory Power Play.   $3000

LGR Landmark, 12-16-2023, sired by LGR J.Hobbitt, out of LGR Brio by HA Zanzibar  $2500

Locust Grove Ranch 

​           Premium Beef Cattle

LGR Loadmaster, 11-5-23, sired by HA KemoSabe, out of LGR Jonquil by LGR Delmonico   $3000

LGR Larkspur, 3-24-23, out of JB Y-Easter, sire by SunnyRidge GoDaddy  $2200

Steers are usually available within a short time frame. They go quickly, so please call if you want on the list for some easy finishing beef on the hoof. We finish a few steers offered by the half, reserved in advance. if you can't wait, we always have grass fed ground beef available from the freezers.

LGR Krystal,4-4-22, 50% MG, Angus, out of LGR Buttercup, due April, 2024 by Registered Red Angus   $2700