Locust Grove Ranch 

LGR Hailey, silver 75% MG heifer, born September , 2020, sired by LGR Delmonico, out of LGR Fern.$1200.

LGR joy, 100% MG, born Feb 21, 21, out of Eagles Run Solander, sired by LGR Delmonico, freemartin twin, available as feeder calf at weaning $500

LGR Goldilocks, 100%MG, born 11-26-19, out of MLJ Amelia, sired by LGR Eclipse.   $1400

Bulls and Steers

LGR Hurricane, silver bull, born Oct 17, 2020, sired by LGR Delmonico ( Wensleydale/Monarch Oak Extra cross), out of Morgan Rivers Deseret ( Willalooka Power / The Glen Manuel bred)     $3000

Murray Grey Cows and Heifers  for sale :   I post some suggestions, but if you have an interest in something not listed, please feel free to ask .               


J.Hobbitt, dark bull , 75% MG 25%  angus, sired by LGR Elixir, out of LGR Gabriella. $2500

LGR Honey, 75% MG, 25% shorthorn,  born June 22, 20, sired by KT A-Rockin On , out of LGR Emily.  $1200

Steers are usually available within a short time frame. They go quickly, so please call if you want on the list for some easy finishing beef on the hoof. if you can't wait, we always have grass fed ground beef available from the freezers.

Murray Grey  Cattle For Sale

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LGR Jupiter, black 50% MG bull, sired by LGR Delmonico, out of LGR Festiva,   Angus  Yellow Jacket bred                   $1800

LGR Jesse James, silver bull, born May 1, 21 Sired by LGR Delmonico and out of LGR Elsa, by MLJ Atom.Pictured at 2 months old, he is going to be the complete package. $2500 until weaning.