Cows and Heifers                  

​Please feel free to inquire about  others not listed,  and the "G" drop is available now.

Thank You to Harvey in Sweet Home, who bought two steers in 2018 , and came back in 2019 and said they were the nicest steers he had ever finished, and took all 4 , Gallahad, Garth, Gunner, and Geronimo. 

The pictures all show them at different ages, but they made up a nice 4 pack, within 50 pounds of each other.  All Sold

LGR Hamburger born Jan 6, 2020 sired by LGR Eclipse, out of LGR Blackie. 50% MG/50% Angus      $1800

Murray Grey  Cattle For Sale

LGR Gideon, silver bull born March 27, 2019, by LGR Diesel, by Banksia Ridge Zorro,  out of DG Cordelia

( by DG Admiral, a Monarch Oak Extra son ). He's a handsome gentle bull, dark pigmented,  well muscled, good length, that i have liked at every stage of growth. He brings some great outcross lines into a herd, and is already showing testy to the girls.     $3000

LGR Gatlin born Dec 28, 2019 sired by LGR Eclipse, out of LGR Delilah. 75% MG/25% Angus $1800

Thank you to Angela, who bought LGR Flagstaff. She had bought some steers from us last year and they outperformed the other steers they finished, so now she wanted a murray grey bull to take back on her cows.

    LGR Earl Grey as one of her finished steers on the left.           LGR Flagstaff, pictured as a young bull, on the right.

Bulls and Steers

LGR Hot Rod, dark bull calf, 75% MG, sired by LGR Eclipse, out of LGR Danke.  $1800

LGR Hugo born Jan 27, 2020, sired by LGR Eclipse, out of LGR Danke. steer at weaning     $750

Our weanling girls are available, fat, sassy, and gaining daily. also wild and crazy, as you can see, how they were helping me with my chain saw running, burning a fallen tree. I am hoping to get current individual pictures  in between showers, but please call me with what you need, if you are looking for heifers or pregnant cows.

LGR Gandolf born Dec 24, 2019 , sired by LGR Eclipse, out of KT Xenia    $2400

LGR Bethany, 5 year old commercial angus/simmi cow, with 50% MG Heifer, LGR Haley by LGR Diesel at side, bred back to LGR Delmonico, for 3 in 1 package. Great momma, this is her fourth calf, i just can't have the white on the face for MG. $1400

                 Locust Grove Ranch