Updated Nov 25, 2023

Locust Grove Ginger Sings the Blues crossed with Hughes Toys TriskeyMan Red.  July 11. 2023 litter all sold

Locust Grove Margaret Anne X CH NW Aloha Legendary Deal litter of June 10, 2021 hass has all sold. thank you


Locust Grove Butch  Sundance Kid, red merle male is available from the 

Locust Grove Margaret Anne and AKC Champion Follow Me Dakota Bear Feb 12, 2022 litter has all sold.

Locust Grove Bridget's litter by AKC Grand Champion NW Aloha Black Maverick from November 22, 2021.           All Sold, thank you                          

Locust Grove Ranch 

​           Premium Beef Cattle

Locust Grove Bridget and Hughes Toys Triskeymen Red litter of Aug, 2023

Locust Grove Bridget and Triskeyman Red Litter of April 18, 2021. all sold.

Locust Grove Margaret Anne Has the Blues and Hughes Toys Triskeyman Red Litter of Sept 8, 22

 Locust Grove  Elsa, red tricolor female with Blue Eyes (BET)  is now being offered as pet or breeding female, dna Clear Panel.. 

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LGR Bridget and Hughes Toys Triskeyman Red litter of July 23, 22  has all sold, but we will repeat that cross.