Our first Mini Aussie , Locust Grove Bandit, was a bundle of energy and love in equal measures. If he wasn't loving on his own personal cat, Oliver, or all over us, he was riding on the 4 wheeler, swimming in the creek , chasing the wild turkeys, or accompanying us on the rounds as we fed the horses.

We stood him at stud with Sadie, a red tri female outside breeding, and chose Locust Grove Bridget as our Pick of the Litter. Bandit was 17 inches tall and 38 pounds. Sadie was a little shorter and lighter, so we think Bridget will mature around 17 inches / 32#.

Maggie with Bridget

Locust Grove Ginger Sings The Blues  is our newest addition, with her beautiful blue eyes, copper and chrome,  and calm personality. Locust Grove Margaret Anne has the Blues X NW Aloha Legendary Deal born June 10, 2021 . DNA tested. AKC registered.

Bandit with Maggie

Locust Grove Margaret Anne has the Blues, ( Celebrities Wards Blue I's Gypsy Girl X Schaffers Hank ) Maggie is a blue eyed black tri, double registered AKC and ASDR, very solid with great bone, 17 inches and 38#. She has the most calm demeaner, definitely the matriarch of the ranch ( and alpha female ). Velcro personality and will keep you company whether it is monitoring you for hours on the bulldozer or just hanging clothes on the line, don't step back because she will be right there, keeping a watchful eye on everything..

Locust Grove Bandit with Sadie

Locust Grove Bridget,a red tri merle female with one blue and one green eye, ( Locust Grove Bandit X Sadie ).  She has her daddy's loving personality and natural curiosity, wanting to explore everything in her world, the cats, the squirrels, the calves, the machinery. She has no fear and will ride the 4 wheeler, the tractor, the backhoe, the bulldozer, and would even ride the lawn mower if i would let her. DNA tested. ASDR registered.

Mini Australian Shepherds and American Shepherds                  

Locust Grove Ranch 

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Hughes Toys Triskeyman Red is our new BET Stud Dog. Registered ASDR and AKC pending. DNA tested clear panel, he is 16" and 30#, but moderates the size of his puppies, even producing toys. He is a sweetheart boy with low herding instinct. Hughes Toys Graceson X Hughes Toys Triskey. Standing to approved females, $1500 fee.